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How to render the emotion provoked by life inside matter ? How to represent that which exceeds our senses, how to capture that which we cannot embrace for it embraces us ? How to tell between live and dead matter ? Is it only a question of scale, frame, projection, desire ?

Soft cheek or polished pebble, smile or stone, bosom or sky, pores or dust...

Is imagination not an exact tool for us to represent “reality” ?


Mystic or scientific, photography is a construction, of play of the senses to paint an experience of the world where, despite our many tentatives, not all will be made tangible.

I explore the beliefs in which our experiences are rooted, navigate in the multiple directions of space and time, play with the protocols for making images. I hope to spark curiosity and emotion in the viewer when coming to face to face with such an immense yet familiar universe.

I like photography as an arts and craft, and frequently employ traditional methods, such as Polaroids, silver film, wet collodions, bromoil printing process...


Day after day, reflexions are renewed through my lenses and take shape in the act of photographing. Far from the information overloads and the speed excesses of the digital realms, I quietly explore with matter. Cosmogony is in that sense a true homage to slowness. I don't despise technology however, and willingly resort to digital images if and when they are a means to my senses ends, as in the series Celestial Bodies, or Horizons.


The projects presented here are the fruits of this marriage in my mind of science and poetry, materiality and abstraction, objectivity and subjectivity.


Let us leave our worries aside and take a moment to dream and be enchanted by the world. Let curiosity light up our spirits.





Fragments #1 - Galerie Thierry Bigaignon - Exhibition from january 25  to march 10, 2018