Cosmogony #1, 2017 - Bromoil print 50x60 cm

These bromoil prints evoke starry night skies. They are photographies of flint stones, with flecks of white and milky stains in them. It is as if the stones had come to mimic the skies they have been contemplating for so long down on the ground, in a face to face that stretches so far back in time it seems almost eternal. "Things which are alike in nature grow to look alike" recounts the American anthropologist Paul Radin in his book Primitive man as a Philosopher.


Bromoil rendering is close to painting. It is also a patient layered printing process that requires multiple passes and many days of work. The lengthy duration and characteristics of this process of election reflect the immensity contained in the stones which themselves replicate the skies. To photograph them I submit myself to a change of scale, slip into geological times.

Cosmogony #2, 2017 - Bromoil print 50x60 cm

Cosmogony #3, 2017 - Bromoil print 50x60 cm

Cosmogonie #4 , 2017 - Bromoil print 50x60 cm